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Hi-Vac China brief introduction

Hi-Vac China It is the global leader in the product and solution provider of the cleaning industry.

For decades, Hi-Vac has been providing innovative products and solutions that meet its requirements for professional contractors, municipalities and industrial organizations all over the world.

From large central cities to major power plants, Hi-Vac products are playing the role of behind the scenes, maintaining infrastructure, improving air quality, implementing nondestructive excavation operations, recycling, cleaning and protecting the environment. Hi-Vac products include:

Aquatech - sewer cleaning and vacuum cleaning system

O'Brien - hydraulic spray washing equipment, handcart type spray washing equipment and toolbox type spray washing equipment

UltraVac - Vacuum loader

X-Vac - Hydraulic vacuum excavator

Hi-Vac - Industrial vacuum cleaning system

All of the products mentioned above are favored by professionals in the industry. They are regarded as the best and most reliable solution to meet the internal application requirements of environmental protection and cleaning.

Hi-Vac has hundreds of local and regional distributors, agents and partners all over the world. They are experts in the field of clean system application and support. We can guarantee the local support they need for our customers in the United States, Columbia, Peru, Dubai and China.

Hi-Vac has offices in North America, Latin America and China. The company is headquartered in Smarietta (Marietta), Ohio, USA.

Hi-Vac China, located in Beijing, has become a leading industry enterprise since 1991. Our company has a production workshop in Beijing's headquarters base, has innovative production technology and high technology staff, adhered to the lean production principle, and also set up the highest quality standard and management system. Hi-Vac China in Chinese and reputation for the Asia Pacific region, with more than 300 customers; provide vacuum cleaning equipment for a heavy industry, including power plants, cement plants, steel, glass and glass bricks and refractory material factory, foundry, aluminum and steel, in addition to providing the equipment for the construction of municipal engineering. The Aquatech series of products are used in various cities and autonomous regions of China and are used to clean water sewers and drainage pipes. Our company has registered 5 patents in the China Intellectual Property Office, and our company is also a member of the China Shipping Engineering Technology Committee.

The purpose of Hi-Vac is to create a clean and sustainable living environment by providing innovative technology and the highest quality and most reliable products through the global support network built by professionals.

If you focus on actual results and want to get the best products, Hi-Vac will be your only choice throughout the world.

Hi-Vac China

Provide environmental protection products for the cleaning industry.

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