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For Hi-Vac China, paying attention to "environment and sustainable development" is not a simple slogan, but the foundation of our business and career development. There is nothing more important than fresh air and clean water for our descendants. All Hi-Vac employees practice "environmentalism" as the core value of our daily work. From our leading innovation and product design to our attention to the manufacturing and assembly process, and then to the high level after-sales service, the core value of the company inspires the employees' daily work to ensure that products can achieve the goal of "protecting and cleaning the environment".

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Our strategy

Our business strategy includes' environmental commitment '. Over the past 40 years, Hi-Vac has provided high quality products and systems for users around the world to solve the problems of infrastructure, maintenance and cleaning. From metropolis to power station, Hi-Vac products can effectively maintain infrastructure, improve air quality, conduct non-destructive excavation and recovery, and carry out environmental cleaning and maintenance.

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Our leadership

The degree of the development of a company depends on the quality and dedication of the leadership team. For more than 40 years, the rapid development of Hi-Vac has come from a strong and decisive leadership team. Hi-Vac's leadership team has always followed the core values of "integrity, quality, innovation and environmental protection". This value is now guiding the daily work of every one of us. With the rich experience of the leaders, professional knowledge and advanced values, Hi-Vac has become a powerful enterprise.

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The agreement between the customer and the company's goals is the basis for good business. Hi-Vac is a world recognized and trustworthy brand of environmental protection (including environmental protection products and solutions). In order to create more value and make the world cleaner, we are looking for the right partners. The purpose of our enterprise is to "develop environmental protection products and build a cleaner world". This aims to make each of our suppliers, dealers and authorships realize that they need a force to build a clean environment that continues to develop. Industry.

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