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Hi-Vac is the largest supplier of vacuum cleaning products to the cement industry. The health and safety of workers in cement plant is the most important item, and by ensuring the cleanliness of factory area, cement production plants can reduce the probability of dust related injuries and diseases. Cement production plants usually use different specifications and configurations of Hi-Vac vacuum cleaning products in their internal facilities, depending on the area and material type to be cleaned.

Materials that need to be cleaned up in a cement plant include cement dust, slag, coal ash, limestone and grinding ball.

The determination of the type of equipment depends largely on the area of its application.

Packaging workshop: usually, the packaging workshop is the most necessary place to install the vacuum cleaning system, because the dust is the most harmful. In general, you can choose the medium size [50HP (38KW)] Hi-Vac, R or UltraVac type fixed equipment, with the use of fixed pipeline cleaning system throughout the building, each floor until the underground silo, surrounded by packaging equipment, and extended to bags and bulk cement truck loading area. In most cases, the factory will collect cement from the vacuum cleaning equipment, then uninstall to high-altitude slide, screw conveyor or a bucket elevator, recycling.

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Hi-Vac fixed industrial vacuum cleaning equipment (50HP)

ultravacFixed type vacuum loader

Custom pipe cleaning system

Grinding and rolling area: cleaning operations around grinding and rolling areas usually require large scale cleaning equipment: 75HP (56KW) to 150HP (112KW). If cleaning is needed all the time, a fixed UltraVac or Hi-Vac R device will be a good choice. The truck mounted UltraVacT-475 or T-3000 will be a good choice if you only need regular cleaning.

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Hi-VacFixed industrial vacuum cleaning equipment (50HP)

UltraVac Fixed type vacuum loader

UltraVacVacuum cleaner: T475

UltraVac Vacuum cleaner: T3000

Silo: the silo area is also the place where the truck mounted UltraVac equipment is used. Usually there is no need to clean up all the time, but if you need to clean up, you need to get high instant power.

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UltraVac Vacuum cleaner:T475

UltraVac Vacuum cleaner:T3000

UltraVac Vacuum cleaner:T 5000

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