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Welcome to Hi-Vac. Here, you will have the opportunity to improve yourself, change your future, and even affect the whole world. In order to attract and develop the best talent, we provide continuous job training, challenging global opportunities and good welfare benefits for our employees.

Production / manufacture

High quality products originate from high-quality talents. You will see our high quality products and elite manufacturing talents at every factory in Hi-Vac. Whether you are interested in manufacturing or in the technology industry, as long as you have the ambition to create excellent job performance and earn a high salary in a world-class company, Hi-Vac will provide you with opportunities for development. We need skilled craftsmen in the manufacturing, installation and production support of the product. If you want to improve your working skills in a challenging and "value oriented" working environment, please consider the opportunities we offer you.

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Experienced professionals

Are you looking for an important job? Are you looking for a chance to move towards a new direction in life? What kind of salary do you think can reflect your personal value? If you are ready to make a choice to change your life, now consider the job opportunities that Hi-Vac provides for you. This enterprise will provide professional talents with opportunities to work together with outstanding talents in the industry, and provide them with valuable learning opportunities and a cooperative working environment. In such an environment, professionals can give full play to their greatest potential and make a practical contribution to the enterprise.

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College / college graduates

For college graduates, they often consider what kind of work they do and where they work. Hi-Vac provides a good working environment for college graduates, so that they can interact well with their colleagues, give full play to their greatest potential and enable them to get a sense of achievement in their work. If you want to seek a satisfactory and rewarding career and make a real and positive contribution to the world, now join us. We are thirsty.

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By participating in the Hi-Vac internship program, students will have the opportunity to work in the world's largest environmental cleaning product manufacturing company and get valuable work experience. Interns will give full play to their advantages and use the knowledge they have learned to help enterprises achieve strategic goals. We provide the following internship: accounting, finance, engineering, human resources, information technology, logistics, manufacturing, marketing and procurement.

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