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Beijing Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. Huiwan

Beijing City, Shunyi District China Baimiao village zhaoquanying Town North Street No. three zip code: 101300

Local telephone: 10-68834372

Local telephone: 10-68812411

Local telephone: 10-68812390

Local telephone: 10-68812977

Fax: 10-68815861

Customers in China can dialed free of charge: 800-810-1158

International service hotline: +86 010-68834372

For consulting activities outside China, please contact the following departments:

Huiwan global headquartersHuiwan office for Latin America

According to the specific requirements, you can choose the corresponding contact form from the following list:

I want to buy the new equipment of Hui WanI want to buy Huiwan partsI want to rent Huiwan productsI want to ask questions about the company's productsI want the company to arrange training Huiwan technical experts to provide on-site maintenance servicesI want the company to arrange operator field trainingI want to put forward Huiwan products and reconstruction and / or re construction problems related partsI want to become a supplier of HuiwanI want to be Huiwan products distributorOther consulting projects

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